In packing my personal things to move to our new home I found a couple of poems I had written for my grandparents. It is still extremely hard some days not having them here.

This one I had written less than a year after my grandpa had passed away. He was my everything, and losing him was probably the hardest thing I have ever gone through.

I Miss You Pappy March 18th 2009

By Malinda Yoast

They all lied to me because they said each day would get easier to take

Every day that goes by it seems a little more of my heart breaks

Looking back at all our memories

You were the one who was always there

Now it gets so hard when it seems there is no one else that cares

As far back as I can remember I look back and you were always there for me

You could fix anything from toys, to cars to broken hearts, whatever the problem might be

I will never forget all we went through

So many times, I can hear you say “Don’t be blue”

I want the hurt to go away

I want you back here to stay

I found this poem I wrote for my grandma for her birthday in 1990. I thought it would only be fitting to add it to my website. Love and miss you so much Granny,


By Malinda Yoast

Sometimes when life would get lonely I knew who to turn to

You were always there for me and helped me when I needed you

You are the friend I had when no one else could be found

I always knew if I needed someone you would be around

You were always there to listen to my dreams and fears

You were there to wipe away all of my tears

You were the hand I also held tightly to when I was small

I knew that as long as I was with you I would never fall

You were the very person I looked up to

One who never wanted me to be blue

You gave me strength when I had none at all

No matter the problem I knew who to call

You believed in me and gave me reasons to believe my dreams would come true

And if I ever needed you I knew you would pull me through

As I grew older I began to love and appreciate you more

I knew no matter what time or day you would have an open door

Thank you, my grandma, for being my friend

Someone whom I could always depend

Your heart was so big and always full of care

I feel so secure knowing you will be there

So as today you grow a year older

You really just grow a year dearer

Thank you for all the good memories you and I made

Thank you for all the attention you paid

Thank you for just loving me for me

You are the best grandma there could be

Happy Birthday and I hope there are many more to share

Remember now and forever I will always care

Where Did The Years Go?

By Malinda Yoast

It doesn’t seem that long ago I held you in my arms.
You captivated me the first moment with that blue eye charm.
You let me dress you up in dresses and frills,
By the age of two you let me paint your nails.
I carried you until I could no longer lift you off the ground.
Then walking hand in hand is how we could be found.
Eventually you grew out of holding my hand.
Some days that was more than I could stand.
The time came where you would want a car,
How in the world did we get this far?
I will never forget that first day you drove away;
I felt like you took a part of my heart that day.
Through it all we continue to grow closer, becoming the best of friends.
We’ve been through so many beginnings and ends.
Today is the day you will get your high school diploma and as you walk down that aisle
I’ll be up in that crowd wiping my tears through my smile.
Thank you God for giving me the baby girl I always dreamed of.
She has made my heart and life full of love.
As you close this chapter in your life, I will continue to pray
That God always keep and protect you from harms way.
No matter where this journey takes you,
I’ll always support you and walk right beside you.

I love you and I’m so proud of you!

Love, Mom

Mother’s Day May 13, 2018

Malinda Yoast

Covered By Grace

By Malinda Yoast
As I look back on how life was growing up,
I wonder how our world became so corrupt
Morals and ethics no longer prevail; integrity is so far gone.
Where did we all go wrong?
As I try so hard not to cry,
Another tear slips from my eye.
As my heart breaks for what breaks Yours,
I can never comprehend all you had to endure.
Because of the sacrifice you made on the cross,
We no longer have to remain lost.
You covered us with mercy and grace,
Equipping us for every situation we face.
Through all the trials the joy in my heart will always be there.
For I look to you and am reminded how much you care.
Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice you made,
Thank you for loving me and protecting me in every way.

Dad’s Gentle Touch

By Malinda Yoast

When we were little we would walk hand in hand,
We were always your biggest fans,
You always made it all about us, never about you
You would walk in after work asking us what we wanted to do.
As we started playing sports you were always in the stands,
It was your turn to be our biggest fan.
We knew with you we always came first,
You always loved us, even at our worst.
As we grew up and had children of our own,
You still made time for us even though we were grown.
The values you taught us were learned by watching you.
Morals, integrity, putting God and family first, to name a few.
It’s not hard to see how we became who we are.
We were given a priceless gift; the best dad by far.

My brother, My Forever Friend

By Malinda Yoast

Looking back I remember all the fun times that we had,
Sometimes you were the only one who could keep me from being sad.
My favorite memories always have you,
When we were bored we could always find something to do.
Through all that we’ve gone through you’ve always been there.
I could often feel you lifting me up in prayer.
When it came to finding and having friends,
You would be the very best one God would send.
He knew what He was doing when He sent you my way.
He knew that sometimes you would be the only one who would know what to say.
No matter where this journey leads,
By your side is where I will be.
My brother and best friend from the start,
I love you with all of my heart.

A Grandparents’ Love

By Malinda Yoast

When I was little I didn’t realize how blessed I really was.
As I grew older I’ve realized no one loves you like a grandparent does.
I’ll always remember the time spent with them.
The love I would feel could have no end.
My little world revolved around you both
Sometimes I look back and cry if the truth be told.
We built the best memories that would continue to last all these years,
Because of those I can smile through the tears.
The pain doesn’t ever go away, and I think of you each and every
The other day I had a chance to go back in your home.
I could feel your presence as I walked in and I no longer felt alone.
It’s amazing to me how two people could affect my heart so much.
I would give anything to just have a hug and feel your touch.
Thank you for loving me and making me strong.
In my heart you will forever belong.

A Girl’s Forever Friend

By Malinda Yoast

You gave me life and were the first to wipe my tears.
You had a special way of calming all my fears.
Before I was born you were the first to love me.
Encouraging me to be all I could be.
As I grew older I remember giving you a hard time,
Becoming a mom made me realize you were one of a kind.
When God gave me my own little girl to chase,
I was thankful you taught me what it looked like to extend grace.
Mom, you made me into the strong woman I am today.
Because of you I can handle what comes my way.
Every day I thank God for giving
you to me.
You taught me to be the very best mom I could be.
My mom by far the very the best He did send.
God gave me a forever friend.

Through A Child’s Eyes

By Malinda Yoast

I was born into this world not knowing who I am
It is your place to guide me the very best you can
Be on my side and help me grow,
for the ways of the world I do not know
I am like clay in your hands,
mold me so that I understand
How I am supposed to act and what I am supposed to say
Your actions are showing the way
So when you speak, use words that are kind
For you play a part in shaping my mind
Be gentle with me and my fragile heart
Sometimes I am just not sure of where to start
With your patience and guidance I am able to be
more than you ever dreamed I could be

In Your Eyes February 5,2021

By Malinda Yoast

The day I first met you your eyes were so wild.

You looked around at all of us, a scared little child.

When we would talk your eyes would not look at me,

I I prayed daily for you to just see

How safe you were when you were with us.

Day after day we would work on building that trust.

Now when I talk to you, your eyes meet mine.

They pierce through mine for reassurance everything is fine.

The best part of my day is seeing you smile,

I love the days when we play for a while.

Sweet girl as we read and say our nighttime prayers,

My heart is full and yet breaks hoping you know how much I care.

You’ve captured my heart in so many ways.

I pray that forever with us is where you’ll stay.

Sweet Girl March 2, 2021

By Malinda Yoast

I often watch you as you play,

wondering how long you’ll get to stay.

Am I teaching you enough,

Will you always know how much you are loved?

If you have to go away,

Will you know you’ll always have a place to stay?

Will you remember all the fun we had?

Will you still feel my hug when you’re sad?

I often watch you as you sleep,

wondering what you’ll grow up to be

Jesus loves you more they say,

Protect her in all the ways I pray.

Forever Home

By Malinda Yoast

God did not put children on this earth for parents to harm,
All you’ve been through at times it’s hard for you to stay calm.
Trauma causes our bodies to react in ways so many don’t understand,
Know that we will always walk beside you holding your hand.
Our hearts break for all you had to go through,
You saw and experienced things a child should never have to.
In and out of too many homes,
Safety and security were unknown.
You’ve been a part of our family since the first day,
But today is the day the court will allow you to permanently stay.
We promise to always love and take care of you,
Teaching you to put God first in all you do.
Dream big dreams and reach for the stars,
You sweet girl are going to go far,
In a year we have seen how much you have grown,
We are so excited to be your forever home.