Practice Gratitude

My bonus daughter, whom I adore, bought me this for my birthday. I try to write in it every night and some nights it’s hard after a challenging day.

Driving to work this morning I was sobbing after a hard morning with a dysregulated kiddo. I couldn’t focus on anything.

My brain knows if I focus on the good my heart will stop racing and my brain will calm down but I couldn’t manage to get it there.

My anxiety was at an all time high and then my friend from work text asking if I wanted a coffee , her treat. I cried even harder I saying yes and told myself I’d manage if she was in the office. She came in and gave me a big old hug and coffee. She listened to me cry and was just present.

Then I go to my parents for lunch. I was determined to stay strong and not complain but I word vomited all over them the minute I hugged them.

Then my cute dad started singing “Take me out to the ballgame….” Because they are going to a game with Bekah this weekend.

Then another friend texts about flowers I might like for my yard.

When I had to go pick up my kiddo, I text the sweetest friend God sent me a few years ago about some things my heart was anxious about and she had some wonderful advice.

I get home and it was a really rough evening. As I look at my husband,who is a constant support, I’m reminded how blessed I am.

Life is SO hard…. Everyone is battling things that you cannot see or know about.

Be kind. Extend grace.

The next time you are having a tough day look for the good.

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