Foster Care Awareness Month-A Broken System

The system is broken and there is a lot of red tape.

When I think of our experience over the past two years, I am still speechless.

We hear so much in the media about pro-life, When does pro-life start including the children lost in a very messy and very broken system?

When do the children’s lives become more important than parents doing the bare minimum at the end of a year to get their children back?

How many chances do parents get to continue jeopardizing the lives of their children causing more trauma that cannot be reversed?

Why is there not a database that connects the systems and the hotlines made so that people are not out there trying to run from the system? (Yes, this happens)

Why do we just keep saying kids are resilient and they will be ok? Resilience is the ability to recover quickly…. Trauma is not something you recover quickly from.

Foster parents see and experience the red tape, the unanswered questions, the safety of children not being the priority, but where does one person begin to seek justice in this system?

I don’t have answers, but I do have the ability to speak out and bring light to a very broken system and fight for the children and the foster parents out there trying so hard to provide safety and love for children.

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