What 2021 Taught Me

1. Saying Yes to God can be the right thing but still be hard on your heart during the unknown.

2. I was placing my identity in a job I loved without realizing it.

3. If we hold too tightly to jobs, things, people etc.…God has a way of reminding us it ALL belongs to Him. Hold loosely to everything.

Be ready to leave what you are supposed to and say yes to what you are called to without understanding what the future looks like.

4. That 2020 wasn’t the only longest year🙄

5. Time is weird…. It moves so slow but so fast at the same time.

6. My faith needs more work…a lot more work.

7. An extreme extrovert can became an introvert

8. Systems are more broken than I thought

9. Those that are meant to be in your life will stay, support and encourage you through everything…even if there is painful distance for a while.

10. I’m thankful I listened to my Pappy’s advice and didn’t become a social worker💜

My pappy always gave the best advice.

I can still see him looking at me when I told him I was majoring in Social Work when I started back to school:

“You’ll be great at it, but I would worry about you being a social worker because you will either end up with a house full of children that’s hard to handle or jail because you would defend them regardless of what it cost.”

As 2021 comes to a close, live in the moment, choose joy, love like Jesus and find a village that encourages you, listens to you, cries with you and celebrates with you.

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