Walking Out Unshaken Faith

God put a word on my heart driving to work this morning. I remember telling Him afterwards that’s the kind of faith I want. In fact I tried to convince myself that’s the kind of faith I have. Truth be know an unshakable faith is always a work in progress until we are in heaven.

How do we live that faith out when situations shake us?

I know years ago it would have looked differently for me. I would have got mad and run from Jesus if situations shook me. Sadly, I might have even blamed Him.

Today is different. Situations still shake me but I now run to Jesus. I constantly remind myself of that saying that comes from Daniel 3:18 that says “and if not, He is still good”.

The biggest key to unshakable faith is surrounding yourself with believers that will pray and lift you up. It’s holding your hands high in worship praising Jesus because you know regardless what tomorrow brings, you have Jesus. Jesus knows what’s ahead and He has the best life planned out for you.

As a friend pointed out today the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord.

Sometimes we need to remind Satan not today, not ever and go lift our hands in praise worshipping Him. Satan hates that!

The best testimonies are from bumps in the road and how we handle them.

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