A Grandparents’ Love

When I was little I didn’t realize how blessed I really was.
As I grew older I’ve realized no one loves you like a grandparent does.
I’ll always remember the time spent with them.
The love I would feel could have no end.
My little world revolved around you both
Sometimes I look back and cry if the truth be told.
We built the best memories that would continue to last all these years,
Because of those I can smile through the tears.
The pain doesn’t ever go away, and I think of you each and every
The other day I had a chance to go back in your home.
I could feel your presence as I walked in and I no longer felt alone.
It’s amazing to me how two people could affect my heart so much.
I would give anything to just have a hug and feel your touch.
Thank you for loving me and making me strong.
In my heart you will forever belong.

As 2017 comes to a close I have a lot of good memories. One I never expected was to walk through my grandparents home again. We were blessed by having one of my grandpa’s best friends purchase it. They let us take Rebekah’s senior pictures on the porch. As I walked through their home I felt my grandparents presence. They were loved so much. It was evident when I saw all the things that we left with the house and how they were still in place.

Merry Christmas Granny and Pappy. My heart still has a huge empty spot no one else can fill.

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