When God Moves You 

One of the hardest things in any part of ministry is moving when God speaks.  We are either fearful of the future unknowns,  sad of what we are leaving behind, or both of these.

I believe we have come full circle in this as we follow the recent call of God telling us to close this chapter in our lives.

When we became involved in serving it seemed like those we built relationships with and became comfortable with would move on. Some we didn’t even get to see before they left. I remember how bad my heart hurt knowing I wouldn’t be able to spend time with them as much, if at all!

It was during these times God continued to remind me that we were not serving those individuals or even the church really. 

We were serving Jesus.

We can often lose sight of this when those close to us get called to move on.

In Matthew 28:19 we are told to GO and make disciples… not stay where we are comfortable. 

While all transitions are hard and we feel sad knowing we won’t be around those people as much as we were,  it will be okay.  

 Having come full circle in this area of my life I can tell you that those relationships you built will still be there.  

Following God is a journey; it isn’t a destination until we reach Heaven!

As you follow God, and as you watch those around you answer their calling, be reminded of Matthew 28:19.

As a new friend of mine I met on our recent serving journey said: “I never unpack my bags because I never know when and where God will move me!”

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