Where Does God Fit In?

In my past I remember having that “christian” checklist.  Go to church on Sunday, tithe, ask forgiveness,  pray, fit in a bible reading. These items on my checklist needed to fit around my schedule though.

 If something else came up on Sunday, I didn’t feel I could spare money to tithe, or I didn’t have any time to do a bible reading,  then God didn’t fit into my schedule. Besides, I could ask forgiveness later since it was on my “checklist” right?

Looking back I realize how much my priorities have changed! 

Naturally God is a God of grace, and we learn as we grow.

By scheduling my life around God, I have seen His blessings day after day.

Since we started tithing before paying for anything else, our finances have been blessed. There is no way we could write everything down and it make sense, believe me I’ve tried!

My time has been blessed which is something supernatural that only God could do.  If you look at my schedule and everything I accomplish in a week, it definitely does not make sense. I recently did a time audit study in one of my classes and it was an eye opener of how God has to be multiplying my time!

My challenge to you today is to readjust your priorities. Schedule your life around God! 

If you want to see God move in supernatural ways, make it about God, not you.

If you want to draw closer to God, you have to move!

Change your priorities in life and watch God work in ways you could never imagine possible!

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with ALL of your heart ” Jeremiah 29:13 NIV 

2 thoughts on “Where Does God Fit In?

    • myoast says:

      Good morning! I think we all need that reminder if we are honest. I know I definitely need it. God gave me that quote right before I fell asleep last night! Have an amazing day!


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