Live For Today

I’ve been thinking a lot about how often we say “I sure wish they were small again.” I am guilty of saying that myself, and I’m sure I’ll say it again. 

We have to be careful though,that we are not so caught up in living in the past that we miss what today holds. 

I’ve been blessed tremendously by this girl. I sure loved dressing her up, painting her nails and carrying her everywhere when she was small.

I wouldn’t change a thing though… as good as those times were, look at us today.

Not many mom’s have this kind of relationship with their 16 year old and I hope to never take it for granted.

I do wish there was a camera following us sometimes. Today, we were determined to get all the Christmas items up and our house back together.  By up, I mean in the attic too. We were going to surprise Shane.  At one point we were laughing so hard I was certain he would come home to us laying in the garage from us falling off the stairs to the attic. This day will definitely be one of my favorites we have had together.  She’s napping now, I wore her out. I’m certain this girl will never know how much this mamma loves her.

As the new year approaches, live for each day.  Treasure each God given moment. There are blessings all around which we often take for granted.

May 2017 be filled with blessings for you all!

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