Before You Say No To Fasting 

About a year ago our pastor called a Daniel Fast. I read about it and without a second thought came up with a hundred reasons why I couldn’t do it. No coffee gives me migraines, I dislike vegetables,  and most importantly I have hypoglycemia. So I justified not doing it and fasted a different way.
In April of this year though I had some things I needed clarity on and God kept speaking to me to specifically do the Daniel Fast. He reminded me that if He called me to it, He would take care of me.

I did my first ever Daniel Fast. I had no withdrawal headaches from lack of coffee, I did have trouble with my blood sugar. It was because I forgot to replace my normal junk food with some fruit.  Once I did I was fine. In fact after the first week I had more energy, overall felt better, and most importantly I felt closer to God than I had ever felt.

I had an amazing friend that wrote the Daniel Fast book that walked beside me. She  answered all my questions, encouraged and prayed  for me.

I had another friend that had the same exact issues I had with eating and she also has hypoglycemia (definitely a God ordained friendship!) She encouraged, prayed for me and brought me surprise Daniel Fast friendly snacks to work

Before saying no I encourage you to do a few things. 

1. Purchase the Daniel Fast Book by Kristen Feola 

2. Buy a blender

3.Give all the stuff you cannot have to your church pantry 

4. Go shop for all the foods you need and be prepared for day 1!

5. Find a friend that has already done the fast to pray for you. 

I promise you God will see you through and your life will forever change! 

I’m excited about this next church wide fast because I know how God works through them and I know the best is yet to come!

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