2016 We Are Ready!

Months ago our daughter sent me a picture of a frame where you could write answered prayers on hearts and drop them in it. I modified  it to fit us. Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased the hearts and markers with no idea what I’d put them in. Determined  not to leave until I found something  God led me to this. Three glass jars that have etched in them Faith, Hope and Love. There was only one available  in the Faith and Love.  Now that is not the order they are in on our table. You see, we will leave this nativity scene out and next to that is the faith one, then the love, then the hope.  It’s because  of Jesus we can have faith and hope. It’s because  of His love for us the prayers are answered.  That’s why this is set up that way. As a prayer in faith and hope is answered we will fill out a heart and drop it into the love one. In our home we are believing  and expecting God to go before us answering many prayers. Some we will have prayed for, some answered prayers we will not have prayed for but because  God is so good He will provide for us in so many more ways we couldn’t  even imagine.

As 2016 approaches remember  to daily seek the good and daily thank Him for all your blessings!

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