Never take for granted time spent with family and memories made. You never know when you might not have that opportunity again.

As we entered upon this Christmas in a family filled with faith in God we experienced  a different  kind of Christmas.
One where we could not all be together for the first time. You realize  then just how close you are when your heart aches missing them. You look back remembering  that last hug and last conversation, whether it be because someone went on to be with Jesus,  or whether  it be because  circumstances couldn’t  be helped and we couldn’t  all be together.

As I reflect on this it truly brings me to the thought of eternity and how I want every family member  and everyone I know to have accepted  Jesus knowing I will see them again one day.

As Christmas  2015 comes to a close I pray you have accepted  Jesus as your savior. That regardless  what the future  holds you know without a doubt where your eternity  will be spent!

Blessings  on your Christmas  and 2016!

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