The Perfect Gift

During  the Christmas  season  we are busy preparing for Christmas  Day. We are searching  for the perfect gifts for everyone, figuring out where our time will be spent. Often, unintentionally,  we loose sight of the real reason  of Christmas.  There is not one perfect  gift you can ever buy someone.  It might seem perfect  at the time, but it’s only providing a temporary happiness.

When you reflect  on the Christmas  Story God already  sent us all the perfect  gift and that was when He put His son Jesus  on the cross to die for our sins, past, present and future.

Jesus was perfect in every way, yet He hung on the cross suffering for everything we have done and will do.

We were given the perfect gift of peace, forgiveness,  grace and the opportunity  to spend eternity  in heaven.

It’s interesting  to me to watch how different  people  view gifts. You could have two gifts side by side. One wrapped  beautifully and one in a wrinkled brown paper sack.  Most people  are drawn to the beautiful  wrapped  present  and will chose that one. Inside  it is just a pile of dirt. Inside  the wadded up wrinkled brown bag, a hundred dollars.

This reminds me of my life. No matter  how I tried to put myself  together  in the past nothing purchased could fill that void in my heart. I could appear  to have it all together  but inside I was a mess.

Once I was brought  to the rock bottom  I realized  the only true happiness  is found in Jesus.  Not in material  possessions,  not in any relationship, not in trying to please people. I don’t pretend  to have it all together  anymore, I don’t have to. No matter  how I appear  on the outside  doesn’t matter, what matters  is that people  see Jesus living in me.

As we prepare  for Christmas  my prayer for you is that you stop and reflect  on the true reason  we celebrate  Christmas.

The best gift you can ever give anyone  is loving them like Jesus  and making  sure they know that the most wonderful and priceless  gift is theirs.  They have to simply open their hands and hearts to accept  this eternal  gift.

May this Christmas find you with a peace only Jesus  can provide.

Luke Chapter 2
Romans Chapter 8

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