Why Bad Things Happen

I can’t stop thinking of the conversation I had with my teenage daughter last night. She has such a love and passion for Jesus and a faith that is solid, yet the question still comes regardless how strong our faith.

It’s one question we might not ever understand this side of heaven. “Why do bad things happen?”

God never owes us an explanation for what happens in our life, or the lives of others. The bible doesn’t say “Follow me and your life will be easy”

In fact it says the opposite, it does say in the bible that in this world we will have troubles.   (John 16:33)

In these difficult times don’t let satan make you start questioning your faith.

Praise Jesus through these storms knowing He has the perfect plan even though it’s hard to see it right now.  During these times others are watching us to see how we react.

As she walked into school my heart went out to her, because I too still want the answers to some of the why questions.

My prayer for her, and for you is that you keep your eyes focused on Jesus, while the why questions might not be answered, He has the perfect plan created specifically for you.

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed to us” Romans 8:18 NIV

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