Thanksgiving All Year

Have we lost the real meaning behind Thanksgiving?  Maybe it’s because I’m just getting older, but it appears Thanksgiving is lost in the craziness of what stores opens when and who has the best deals.

My favorite memories of Thanksgiving would be those when everyone was at my grandparents. Where we would talk, head outside and throw a football around, where there were maybe three channels on the TV. It was unheard of that any store would be open and you would be lucky to find a gas station open.

In observing how times have changed I would love to have those times back.

Thanksgiving should be 365 days a year and on the one day set aside for it we should go back to the way things once were before society became so self focused.

As you celebrate today remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It was never meant to be a day full of family stress or running over people in lines at the store for that big sale.

It was meant to truly give thanks for everything you have!

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