Does Prayer Change Things?

I’ve been reading  and studying the book Fervent by Priscilla Shirer.  If you pray at all I recommend this book.  I was thinking and talking to God this morning about answered prayers. My first thought was how I wish I had seen War Room and read this book three years ago before we got married and blended families of two teenagers. I’ve never experienced Satan working so hard to destroy a marriage and a family.  However this hard headed girl waited to long for this man of mine and though I cried many tears I wasn’t giving up.  We had family and friends praying for us. The challenges we faced are no different than any family faces.  I came in this marriage loving my new son like he’d always been mine. I was clueless how Satan would try to destroy that.  As he sat on the couch talking to me last night I wanted to cry tears of joy.  God has answered many prayers these last three years. Along with that I know Satan is scheming, looking for a way in.  The difference in me now than three years ago is I’m aware and fighting. Our God loves these kids more than this mom, and He is protecting them! Never give up on the ones you love. Never let Satan win. Our God is bigger!

Read Ephesians 6 and put the armor on daily!

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