I Do Not Have to Be Happy, and Neither Do You

If you are reading this and you know me, the title of this blog might shock you.  I LOVE Jesus, I LOVE my life, and I LOVE laughing.  The thing is though, I am not always happy.  I would like to believe for the most part though I am always full of joy.  There is a difference I have come to learn about and appreciate.

Happiness is built on circumstances such as material possessions, things going your way, work, etc. For a long time I would go shopping to fill a void that cannot ever be permanently filled by shopping. In fact, it often led to regret the next day because that was one more thing on a credit card that was not a need.  Now, I do everything I can to avoid the mall because I do not want to spend money!

To have the pure joy in your heart all the time, you have to realize this is only provided by Jesus.  He is the only one that can give you this.  You have to have a relationship with Him.  You have to be in His word, in prayer, in worship.

You cannot buy it, work for it, earn it.  It is completely free, but you have to be all in to receive it, not just lukewarm.

We can all sit and dwell on the negative and become depressed.  However, from experience I can tell you when you change your perspective and focus on all the good things praising God through every trial and storm, you will have a complete heart change.

Today this is just as much for me as it is for you…. a reminder to myself.  I do find myself yelling out loud for Satan to get out now where I use to find myself yelling at God for letting something happen.

Satan you had control over me long enough and I will never let you have that satisfaction again. My God is bigger, My God is faithful and He will never fail me.

So when there are things in life I do not understand, or life gets hectic and it seems like it is one battle after another you will be finding me praising Jesus through it all, even if the tears are falling from my face.

Read Romans 8, not just one verse but the entire chapter.  It is one of my favorites.

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