How to find the PERFECT man

I am always intrigued by the things that I post on facebook that gets a lot of likes compared to the ones that do not get a lot of likes.

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that the picture I posted Friday received over 90 likes, several comments, private messages and people stopping me asking me to help them find their “Boaz” or how they could find their perfect man.

The picture was our dining room table with my husband’s bible, study books, notebook all spread out over the table.  He had been studying before work that morning.  Nothing for me is more exciting that to see this.  Man after God.  Never in my post did I say he was perfect though.  You see, there is no perfect man or woman here on earth.  We all have sin in our life.

However, I am one that also likes to help people and I am hoping by sharing a small part of my story, I can help someone out.

The first thing is to realize there is not a perfect person out there.  We can strive all day long to be like Jesus, but that does not mean any of us will ever be perfect.  That is impossible.

I met Shane when I was 16, and I fell head over heels for that boy.  I just knew he was the one I was to be with.  However, things did not work out at that time so I decided I would just rush God and not wait.  I did not have the relationship with God I have today.  Back then, he w as more like that genie in the bottle for me. Where as today, He is my best friend and the Joy I have for Jesus is something I can never take for granted or put a price on.  He has blessed me far more than I could EVER imagine and I am so thankful.  I am full on wanting to serve and be the hands of feet of Jesus here on earth.  The Joy I have in Jesus is something no one here can every take from me!

I took several wrong turns in my life and made many decisions I am not proud of.

I remember a specific phone call to my mom one morning.  I told her there was no man out there that could love me like I deserved to be loved.  I was a broken mess.  I had found Jesus (REALLY found Him this time) and I was living full on for Him and taking care of my daughter.

Mom said she believed differently, she believed there was someone out there to love me and she would be praying.

It was not too much longer that Shane came back in to my life after 24 years.  Now, to hear our full story you will know it is nothing that could have ever happened without God’s hand being on it. Someday soon I will post more about that.

Through trials though, we learn how to help others keep from traveling down the wrong road.

Here is my advice today for you ladies looking for that perfect man

1.  STOP looking and dive into the word of God
2. Develop your relationship with Jesus, it is the best and most important relationship you will ever have
3. NEVER settle for anyone… because while there are no perfect people, God has the perfect person in mind for you.  Do not rush Him as His timing is perfect.
4. Realize right now that there is not one person on earth or one material thing that can ever fill the Joy in your heart like Jesus.  Everything else is a temporary happiness, Jesus is a life full of Joy even in trials.

When you start full on devoting your life to Christ everything just falls in to place, and you will find a Joy that never leaves even in trials.

Our marriage is not perfect and never will be.  However, together we serve a perfect God that we put first in everything, which gives us the best marriage and perfect marriage for us!

“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own”  Matthew 6:33-34

 Check out this link from Jarrid Wilson it has excellent information

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